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Cincinnati Dental Care now offering our valued patients an affordable dental membership plan to help lower your out-of-pocket expenses and simplify your dental needs. Cincinnati Dental Care recognizes that our patient's insurance premiums are increasing each year and still require you to pay a portion for treatment rendered. The Cincinnati Dental Care membership plan is an affordable way to meet all your dental needs without paying high insurance premiums. It is also perfect for small businesses and those who are self employed who may not be able to offer or afford dental coverage because individual plans are too expensive, limited in coverage, confusing and have unexpected restrictions.


Each year, you may wonder what type of dental insurance to sign up for during open enrollment. You know better then anyone else about your dental needs and how much you are utilizing your benefits. Most commercial dental plans have $500 to $2000 maximum deductible that you must pay and don't even cover every dental procedure! With Cincinnati Dental Care Membership program, you eliminate unnecessary costs and pay only for the treatment you need. This is not insurance and cannot combined with an existing plan. This is our way of saying thank you for choosing Cincinnati Dental Care.


- No Maximum
- No Deductible
- No Waiting Period

- 2 dental cleanings
- 2 periodic exams
- 1 set of bitewing x-rays

That's A $440 VALUE FOR $99!!!*

*introductory rate - normally $149

- 10-25% OFF services
- 2 convenient locations
- Comprehensive Care and so much more...

Click Here to download the application form!!!